cute romantic love messages for her

You are one of those rare dreams after which,
one always wakes up smiling.
I love you my dear princess.

romantic and love messages for her
romantic and love messages for her

You complete my life and make it so worth living. Girl,
you are nothing but an angel to me.
I love you.

Every time you look into my eyes,
it makes me fall in love with you all over again.
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.
I’m honored to have you in my life.
I love you.

I will love you even if it hurts,
because baby you are the one I love the most. I love you.

I’m sending hugs and kisses to you baby,
along with a promise I will love you forever.

Romantic Love Messages for Her From the Heart

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My heart no longer belongs to me.
It resides in your heart.
I love you so much.

romantic love messages for her from the heart
romantic love messages for her from the heart

Time comes to a stand still,
when you are around me. I feel like,
it is just the two of us in the whole world. Can’t wait to meet you again.

I feel suffocated when you are far away from me.
Please don’t ever leave me.
I love you.

You are the one who I can open up to.
I feel so comfortable in your presence.
I love you my sweetheart.

You paint my life with your beautiful colors.
You make me happier than I ever was or can ever be.
I am addicted to your love.
I love you more than you will ever know.


Sweet Romantic Love Message for Her

You are the girl with the sunshine smile.
Your voice is like a ray of hope.
You fill my life with all the rainbow colors.
Girl, to me you are no less than an angel from heaven.
I love you.

sweet romantic love messages for her
sweet romantic love messages for her

You are the girl of every guy’s dreams.
I am so lucky that you belong to me.
I love you dear.

Hey sweetie,
you are the special someone who was missing in my life.
I’m so addicted to you.
I love you.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
I’m so glad I got to experience it because of you.
I love you.

Was just dropping by your inbox to remind you,
that you are the one who is always on my mind.
I love you.


Long Romantic Love Messages for Her

You’re my first thought in the morning
And every moment in between
I’m lost in your eyes
And the night arrives
You are in my dreams
I love you

Is that love I see in your eyes,
or merely a reflection of mine?
I hide my tears when I say your name,
but the pain in my heart is still the same.
Though I smile and seem carefree,
there’s no one who miss you more than me!!

You came into my life
And made it a wonderful world to live in
You made me feel so special
with all that you do and
all that you say …
from the bottom of my heart
I would like to say just this
You are the one I love and
I will forever keep loving you!

Love is not winning someone,
but loosing yourself to someone.
When you are loved by someone,
it’s not due to your excellence of mind
but due to purity of your heart.

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