Have you fabricated your companion/fan base to a degree where you would prefer dependably not to be seen dynamic on Facebook? most likely in light of the fact that you will most likely be unable to give consideration satisfactorily to your fans/companions or you can not presumably react to visits so to speak. All things considered, that ought not be an issue any longer since I am demonstrating how to kill dynamic status on Facebook.

Facebook has throughout the years enhanced its administrations and expanded its quick and valuable highlights, for this reasons it’s hard to avoid Facebook, who needs to be let well enough alone for inclining channels, online social party and a chance to reconnect with loved ones? I don’t think anybody needs to truly be disconnected Facebook, I will quickly tell you the best way to kill dynamic status on Facebook.

We as a whole have experienced that minute where all we need to do is simply remain calm and investigate Facebook without anybody seeing you, by one way or another, we may have endeavored to keep quiet to messages and announcements, however it truly doesn’t work in light of the fact that your status will be dynamic and anybody or everybody can see that, trust me you’ll clearly get jabs and messages while your status shows up act.


Facebook help focus portrays dynamic status as perceivability specked symbol that demonstrates your companions and contacts when you’re dynamic or as of late dynamic on Facebook or Messenger. You’ll additionally observe when your companions and contacts are dynamic or as of late dynamic. Your companions and contacts will see this speck or as of late dynamic time by your profile picture and in different places on Facebook and Messenger. Anything can keep you dynamic on Facebook, possibly you are taking a gander at a channel, stalking somebody, answering to a remark, or working together exchanges.

Facebook has given a component that can enable you to kill your dynamic perceivability so you can just chat with the general population you decided to without dread of being viewed as dynamic.

I am sure you would love to investigate and you should long know how. It’s simple, simply read and pursue the means cautiously.


How to turn off active status on Facebook

Log in your facebook account via a browser.

Click the gear menu at the bottom right on the chat sidebar.



Click Off Turn off Active Status



Chose your preferred option and finally click okay.



In step 4 you can either choose

Turn off active status for all contacts
Turn off active status for all contacts except…
Turn off active status for only some contacts…

The steps are very easy. The interesting part of it all is the fact that you chose the contacts you want to see your active status.

NOTE: When you turn Active status off, you’ll still appear active or recently active from any other places (devices) where you’re using Facebook or Messenger unless you turn off Active status in those places, too.

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