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What is the significance of Navratri and why do we celebrate it?

Navratri is known by different names in different parts of India & the world. The Chinese call it the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. In South India, it is called Golu.

In the state of Karnataka, this is celebrated as a royal festival and the legendary palace at Mysore. In the east, this festival is celebrated as Durga Pooja, while in Western India, the festival is celebrated as the dance festival – Garba.

The north celebrates it as a victory of King Rama over the demon Ravana. Also, Nepali Hindus celebrate this festival in a big way, they put the red coloured kumkum on each other’s forehead.

Spread over 9 nights and 10 days, it is one of the most sacred festivals in Hinduism where we worship Goddess Shakti which represents the energy of the universe. Navratri has stories behind its significance & celebration.


According to Hindu mythology & Devi Bhagavata Purana (Sanskrit text), long ago Asura (demon or force of evil) named Mahishasura was born who after the death of his father became the king of Asuras.

As is the custom of the Asuras, Mahishasura wanted to prosecute war upon Devas. However, in order to secure victory over his powerful foes he needed to become stronger. Mahishasura dedicated his time to rigorous meditation directed to the creator of all creatures, Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma, eventually appeared and asked him to choose a boon. Mahishasura promptly replied and asked for immortality –May I have naught to fear from death! Lord Brahma smiled, “It is not possible. It is an inviolate principle that all creation must have an end.”

Mahishasura said, “Since it is not possible for me to be immortal, may I not die at the hands of Men. May I not die at the hands of my foes, the Devas. May I not die at the hands of the great Trinity. If death has to approach me, may it approach me only through a woman.”

Strengthened by this boon which he thought was practically as good as immortality, Mahishasura waged a war on the devas.

To save devas, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva then combined their divine energies to create the brightly radiant and ultra beautiful Shakti, and all the other gods also contributed their divine energies to this ultimate woman which takes various forms (Durga, Saraswati & Lakshmi).

The gods gave her all their divine weapons too, to fight the demons. Shakti, riding a lion, had ten arms to bear all the mighty divine weapons and fight Mahishasura.

When Mahishasura heard of Durga’s beauty, he wished to marry her and sent a proposal. Durga laughed outright and said, “Go back to your dim-witted leader and tell him that I am not in search of a husband.

The Lord of the Universe is my husband (This would mean Shiva, also referred to as Mahadeva). He is the creator of all. With this, the Devi let out a roar, that was like the sound of the destruction of the universe at the end of time.

The 9 days battle took place on the Chamundi Hills where he was slayed at last on the 10th day. Therefore the 10th day is called Vijayadashmi (Vijay – meaning Victory, dashmi – meaning 10th day).

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Also in epic Ramayana, Rama invoked the Shakti of goddess Durga. He fasted and prayed for 9 days to seek Goddess blessings before his epic battle against Ravana. Navratri is followed by a 10th day known as Dusshera to celebrate this triumph of Good over Evil.

Just as Lord Ram, through spiritual techniques (eating clean Sattvic diet, meditation) for 9 days we uncover the potential for greater bliss, joy and enthusiasm in our lives.

We invoke the energy aspect of Durga, Saraswati & Lakshmi in the form of universal energy (SHAKTI) inside us which helps us to destroy impurities and bestows more knowledge, wisdom & wealth.

How you can get Most of the Navratri?

The movement from the outer to the inner can happen effortlessly only when the quality of sattva rises in us and fasting/eating Sattvic diet is one of the ways to increase this level in us.

All spiritual practices like meditation, eating clean sattvic food increase the level of sattva in us and makes us closer to the divine shakti (energy). When sattva increases, it brings forth knowledge, self-awareness, alertness and joy in life.

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